Friday, July 22, 2005

A Convicting Day

Woke up today at 2pm. Had a little something to eat and procrastinated to make a trip to university. Came home and went to work. Got home did some domestic duties. Logged on to MSN. This is beside the point.

Chapter 1
Saw a certain someone online. Have not see him since the madness of semester 1 examinations. Went through the formula greetings. The exchanges of goodwill. He said he was buying a Mini Cooper tomorrow. I felt happy for him. Wondering whether he has arrived in Melbourne yet, i asked him where he was. He said he was back. (Great). So i proceeded to ask him what he was doing on friday night and then i invited him to a session of KTV with friends and then to a club i was promoting for after that. He said he will call me tomorrow. He went offline.

Chapter 2
He came online almost immediately. Then suddenly a pressing question came into my mind that i had always wanted to be answered. I asked if he was still with his spouse. (This question was triggered after seeing him canoodling with some girl at a drinking session some time back when he was married.) He replied why. I said because he was kissing a girl right in front of me with the knowledge that i knew he was already married during that drinking session. He said he knew what he did and the consequential divorce looming ahead. I apologised for his complex life.

XX: aron, will tell me something honestly

Aaron: yea?

XX: I am sorry if this sounds wired
XX: but i am actually his wife, i was using his acount, but it is not your fault that i found out about him cheating on me,

Aaron: omg
Aaron: omg

XX: i've always known

Aaron: omg
Aaron: please please

XX: the girl sent picutre to me already
XX: of them hugging and kissing
XX: so i always know, dont fell guilty to him

I realised the second time he came online was not him but his wife.
A convicting day it was...

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