Tuesday, January 31, 2006

I liken friendship to a tree. The roots representing inception. There are those friends who have always been by your side since our early years. Together they have matured with you as the main branch. Throughout every year, friends materialize and dissipate like the seasons. The most superficial and common acquaintances represented by the twigs and small branches that are furthest from us, the main trunk. Temporal and shortlived as they are. Then there are those close friends who are represented by the small boughs of the main trunk.

However, there are the branches which through some accident or catastrophe were severed off the trunk, perhaps under the saw of a gardener or by one ravaging midnight thunder storm. The bond between the trunk and the branch were not sufficiently steadfast to hold out the wind. This represents friendships that were abruptly ended and destroyed due to disagreement, rivalry, conflict, money, petty friction and all the other ugly faces of friendship. Analogous to a tree that bleeds when a branch is torn, friendships torn apart are usually painful and traumatic.

However there still remain those handful of friends that remain true to us and close to our hearts that stays with us the trunk of the tree. Gracefully maturing into a tree that would live throughout the ages.

Saturday, January 28, 2006

Chinese New Year

Cooked for CNY. Crab noodles and asam chilli prawns.

Go ahead, salivate.

Friday, January 27, 2006

Just for Laughs

gamble™ says:
you know something ive got alot of very sought after features

maggumss says:

gamble™ says:
i got very high cheekbones

gamble™ says:
very deep set eyes

gamble™ says:
double eyelids

gamble™ says:
voluptuous lips

gamble™ says:
sharp nose

gamble™ says:
high forehead

gamble™ says:

gamble™ says:
and great skin

gamble™ says:
dont you think?

maggumss says:

maggumss says:
get a life

gamble™ says:
AHAHAHAHAHAHAHA so nice to annoy you

gamble™ says:
but its true don you think

maggumss says:

maggumss says:

gamble™ says:
sigh... how come nobody approach me on the streets and say: OMG!!! YOU MUST SIGN UP AS A MODEL AT OUR AGENCY!!!!

maggumss says:

maggumss says:
u're too short

maggumss says:
and body not nice

gamble™ says:

Saturday, January 21, 2006

If it does not run unhindered at the beginning, i would fucking not bother in initiating another gesture.

No second chances, to me you have expired.

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Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Being superfluously cruel and evil energizes you.

Once in a while.

Monday, January 16, 2006

It would be near impossible to articulate it. If one was asked to provide the skeleton and flesh it out, he would not be able to. The prospectus of his desires would be vague and ambiguous.

But when he ultimately sets his eyes on it, he would know instantaneously that is what he has always sought after. It would materialize as a sudden realisation. He would know that is what he wants and would perform everything in his power to attain it.

The problem is however, how often do desires and reality meld?

Saturday, January 14, 2006

I was recently been asked to promote for this new thing on Southbank. This will be my third promoting venture and we all know how tiresome these nights are at times but somehow i feel this new event has some elements that are enticing, such as the place and its location.

Juxtaposed between Southgate and Crown Casino, overlooking the Yarra and huddled under the newly built Freshwater Place, it does seem promising.

It is called Seasons with the venue being Boulevard every Saturday night.

Monday, January 09, 2006


When does one strike? Do we go for opportunities that are a forgone certainty that demands an instantaneous commitment? Or do we wait for something that is uncertain yet superior to the former but at a greater cost.



Saturday, January 07, 2006

I went to church today again. Never did absorbed an ounce of anything. It had always been due to the deficient attendance or my wandering thoughts while seated on the pews gazing at the pulpit.

For today, it was my cell phone that drew my thoughts. I started reading all my messages for the year of 2005. I have never liked to erase my messages. I have always fashioned them to be something sentimental to trace my journey and life over the year.

I was on the verge of tears as i read them gradually. I read over the messages that held so much love... Messages that poured out their hearts and emotions that time has made me forget. Love that i became desensitized to.

The thing about time and irony is that they are woven so soundly together. As of now those people who were so dear to me... i just wish...

There are these handful of individuals my body yearns to hold. Mulling over them, induces me to remember the smell of their clothes. People i have taken granted off. People who loved so immensely i chose to hold in disdain.

Sentiments has gotten hold of me today.

Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Received an SMS from Finland today.

After touring and trekking Eastern Europe for almost a year, my good old friend will finally be touching down in Melbourne on Thursday.

Good O!

Monday, January 02, 2006


My expectations for the revelry planned for the eve of 2006 were eclipsed unexpectantly by the sudden decision to partake of a certain substance.

Nevertheless, i went for a house party where we had the countdown. We left early and headed off to a club in South Yarra. From that point on, things were a flurry as the night imploded haphazardly into a hotpot of exhilarations and euphoria. I was drenched, soaked down to my knickers with beverages from ALL sources. I epitomised filfth.

I had to give careful thought in the selection of photos to publish. We took limited shots and the ones we had were rather inappropriate to espouse.

All in all, i certainly had a good time as everyone else on that night i am sure. It has been six fucking years since 2000! 2006... i harbor many expectations and goals i only hope will come to fruition.

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This was a shot of the television as they were preparing for the countdown. Note the gentlemen in the middle. The Lord Mayor of Melbourne John So.
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