Wednesday, June 29, 2005

First meeting with a childhood friend i have not seen for 9 years. Posted by Picasa

Monday, June 27, 2005

The 27th of June

Sometimes we just feel so tired of defending ourselves… Sometimes we just elude all motivation to speak what the truth is and to just let the prosecutors of our life run amuck. We just do not bear the drive to run to the defence of our own lives. It does not matter anymore. Weary and battered, we shut ourselves out.

Saturday, June 25, 2005

Common Courtesy

It was one of those rare excursions to church when i heard the minister preached something that struck me. He gave an analogy of what it is to take things in life for granted and to assume that whatever service ceded by others will always be there for the selfish ambitions of the heart.

Envisage one day a person came knocking on someones door and held out to them a hundred dollar bill. Initially, they question the purpose of this in bewilderment and in return, he says that it is purely out of goodwill and amity. Ordinarily, a person would be exceedingly indebted and appreciative, showing the greatest gestures of gratitude to acknowledge this. The following day, there came another knock. Opening the door, they find the gentleman again with an outstretched hundred dollar bill. Now imagine this occurring repetitively for the next few months or so everyday.

Then the day came when the man failed to appear at the accustomed time. In fact, he did not appear for the rest of the day and the next and the next. Then there they are! Strucked down with anger and disappointment. Cursing the man without realising that they did not deserve to be in receipt of the money in the very first place. They have taken for granted the favour and instead transformed the goodwill of the man into something that is expected and deserving for themselves.

Perhaps i complain too much, actually i do. But sometimes it is the accumulation of the trifling little things that magnifies the exasperation. It is the recurrence of their actions that fully drives me crazy. It is amazing how self-opportune one may be. Asking for change from others so that you do not have to break your note while others cop the difference? Proclaiming you are going to return a favour but hiding in the back bleachers when the favour is due? It is not really the favour being rendered. But after all that declaration of the suppossedly generosity could it be a little less talk more action please? I can close my eye and overlook this. I have done it before and i have done it many times. But for the span of more than a year, i have had enough. I am not interested in the inane and vague concessions that is promised in the also vague future. What baloney.

Sorry my thoughts have meandered the premise of readers of this post. The point aimed to be drawned here is Hey, people can relish things in life. All they need to know is to appreciate, contribute and acknowledge it and to know that it comes at the expense of someone else who is willing to give them that leverage.

Thursday, June 23, 2005

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Wednesday, June 22, 2005


Numerous affairs and events have occurred. Apologies for the hiatus since the last substantial entry rather than the blathering and blandishment of my domestic capacity. Hate domestic. But lately the confinement of social inclinations and spontaneity have grinded into an abrupt halt. No, this is not an insinuation to the deplorable yet ubiquitous subject of examinations that has plagued the academical zealots, rather it is a referential milestone to all things concurrent with the examinations that has made the trip all the more perilous.

Yes. It happened. Of all the plausible scenarios taking place. Never would this be anticipated. I missed my exam. (Elaborations zilch - cold turkey)

OK! The economy of events encircling life at the moment has taken a steep plunge.

No matter, the tempest is vacating.
Already i catch the glisten of the ominous horizon. June 30

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Thursday, June 16, 2005

Pink Loopy Shit Lined Crustacea

Here is an image of a dish i made not too distant ago. It is one of the myriad of culinary favourites from where i came.

Kuching Style Butter Prawns Posted by Picasa

Monday, June 06, 2005

Uncompromising cravings

Awoke today with the pangs for a pizza and a pizza only. In spite of the brunch previously fixed, i refused to settle for anything less. Hence i made myself a pizza.

Pizza speciale dei Aaron !!!! Posted by Picasa

Friday, June 03, 2005

Teetering at the Edge

A vent of escape from this episode of madness is requisited. The agglomeration of headaches from irritance with contemporaries to a disgruntled employee of La Fiamma, the toilful attempts at studies... complexities with the inner world... and the other bitching and griping that would be too blunt to be divulged.

The annoyance! Self indulgent and utterly consumed in herself. Inconsistency is the issue in question! Blathering on and on, denying the very essence of what she epitomises now. Do not misconstrue the point here. Goodwill did exist, but the manner of her trumpeting her good fortune gleans a glimpse of what she really pursues. No, she would not consent to any hint of negativity or disenchanted responses. To do so would be perceived and interpreted by her as a vestige of grudging of goodwill, covetousness and would colloquially be known as a 'lousy friend'. Hah!


Back to my studies.