Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Humans would not be able to operate without the next thing to look forward to in life. I don't think...

Saturday, November 26, 2005

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Thursday, November 17, 2005


Okay, the past couple of days were pretty... fun in a way, but concluded in a utterly traumatic experience. Since i was flying off on the 6th, i wanted to look impeccable. Fortunately i played safe and had a hair cut today which is like 2 weeks before the 6th. God oh god! I can not even start to describe how horrid the result of my hair visit was. Having a not bad, but extremely bad hair cut is so traumatic and sad. Call me vain but to tell you folks the truth, i want to have a good and stylish mane.

I bet there are some malicious people out there snickering at the thought of my having a hair snag.

It was a usual hair visit. Told him to cut my hair as usual then buried my face into the magazines. Minutes later i looked up and literal shouted: "OH MY GOD!!!" I think i startled people around me. He totally shaved my head like a.... Pinepapple! Just visualise my side scalp like the pineapple fruit with the top of my head like the thorny leaves. I went beserk!

Sigh i do not even want to recall today's episode. Horrific... just horrific... I can not possibly wear a cap everywhere during my trip! What more to say when i go clubbing. Shiet!

Anyway we started looking frantically through the hair magazines to try fix the mess. I could not even think straight... So we tried improvising with the SHIT we had on his hands. Tried this and that but to no avail. SO, he had to cut this *bleep bleep*.

I do not want to be excessive with my complaining. Will leave it here.

For your information, the perpetrator of this crime is Laly Kwok, working at Q&A on Russell St. next to China Bar. Sigh... I think my Von Dutch cap will be my faithful companion for the next few weeks.

Shoot Laly!

Ok, but prior to this nightmare, i made dinner for a few friends at their apartment. I made Nasi Lemak...

Following are photos in sequential order whilst preparing the sambal belachan and beef rendang (Borneon indigenous style).

What a shame in all the hustle and bustle, i forgot to put roasted peanuts. Dang! Oh and by the way, everything was made from scratch. Ehehe.

But it was all good. A couple of guys brought cab sav and fruity wine. Good accompaniments.

Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Utter BLISS!

Yep! She lived up to my hopes. MADONNA'S new album rocks to the core!.
All the dance inducing beats... Electronica effects...



Monday, November 14, 2005

Fucking fucking fucking hayfever!


Sunday, November 13, 2005

Saturday, November 12, 2005

An excellent weekend to conclude the end of exams.

Hope this remains a consistent pattern for the rest of the holidays haha.

Friday, November 11, 2005

You know that feeling? The feeling preceding being emotionally transgressed. The spine tingling reverberations thoughout your body just before the nauseating sensation. Then it hits. You reach an antecedent of a downward spiral. Then we close our eyes and lean over resting our heads on folded arms on the table.

Somehow, a kind of peace is found... akin to nihility, that nothing really matter, that we could retire here forever.

Monday, November 07, 2005

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Sunday, November 06, 2005


People dress to identify with demographical, geographical or style elements. Japanese, Hong Kongers, European, Punk, Street and whatsoever.

But for some, they elect not to be assimilated with any groups in any way. Not Street, European nor Australian.

Hence, attention drawn is not to an aspired genre of style, but a style custom made with a dash of improvisation.
There exist not one world, but six billion realms.

Saturday, November 05, 2005


The 'Have You Ever' survey... Put an X to those those that apply to you. Have you ever:

(X) Smoked a cigarette.
(X) Smoked a cigar.
( ) Crashed a friend's car.
(X) Crashed your own car.
( ) Stolen a car.
(X) Been in love.
( ) Been dumped.
(X) Shoplifted.
(X) Been fired.
(X) Been in a fist fight.
(X) Snuck out of your parents' house.
(X) Had feelings for someone who didn't have them back.
( ) Been arrested.
(X) Made out with a stranger.
( ) Gone on a blind date.
(X) Lied to a friend.
( ) Had a crush on a teacher.
(X) Skipped school.
(X) Slept with a co-worker.
( ) Seen someone die.
( ) Had/have a crush on one of your Friendster friends.
( ) Been to Canada.
( ) Been to Mexico.
(X) Been on a plane.
(X) Thrown up in a bar.
(X) Purposely set a part of yourself on fire.
(X) Eaten sushi.
( ) Been snowboarding.
( ) Met someone because of Friendster.
(X) Been moshing at a concert.
( ) Been in an abusive relationship.
(X) Taken painkillers.
(X) Love someone right now.
(X) Laid on your back and watched cloud shapes go by.
( ) Made a snow angel.
( ) Had a tea party.
(X) Flown a kite.
(X) Built a sand castle.
(X) Gone puddle jumping.
(X) Played dress up.
(X) Jumped into a pile of leaves.
( ) Gone sledding.
(X) Cheated while playing a game.
(X) Been lonely.
(X) Fallen asleep at work/school.
( ) Used a fake ID.
(X) Watched the sun set.
( ) Felt an earthquake
(X) Touched a snake.
(X) Been tickled.
(X) Been robbed.
(X) Robbed someone.
(X) Been misunderstood.
(X) Pet a reindeer/goat.
(X) Won a contest.
(X) Ran a red light.
(X) Been suspended from school.
(X) Had detention.
(X) Been in a car accident.
( ) Had braces.
( ) Eaten a whole pint of ice cream in one night.
(X) Had déjà vu.
( ) Danced in the moonlight.
(X) Hated the way you look.
(X) Witnessed a crime.
( ) Pole danced.
(X) Questioned your heart.
( ) Been obsessed with Post-It notes.
(X) Squished barefoot through the mud.
(X) Been lost.
(X) Been to the opposite side of the country.
(X) Swam in the ocean.
( ) Felt like dying.
(X) Cried yourself to sleep.
(X) Played cops and robbers.
( ) Recently colored with crayons/colored pencils/markers.
(X) Sung karaoke.
(X) Paid for a meal with only coins.
(X) Done something you told yourself you wouldn't.
(X) Made prank phone calls.
(X) Laughed until some kind of beverage came out of your nose.
(X) Caught a snowflake on your tongue.
( ) Kissed in the rain.
( ) Written a letter to Santa Claus.
( ) Been kissed under a mistletoe.
( ) Watched the sun set with someone you care about.
(X) Blown bubbles.
(X) Made a bonfire on the beach.
(X) Crashed a party.
( ) Have traveled more than 5 days with a car full of people.
(X) Gone rollerskating/blading.
(X) Had a wish come true.
( ) Worn pearls.
(X) Jumped off a bridge.
(X) Screamed "penis" in class.
(X) Ate dog food.
( ) Told a complete stranger you loved them.
(X) Sang in the shower.
( ) Have a little black dress.
( ) Had sex in a park.
( ) Had a dream that you married someone.
(X) Glued your hand to something.
( ) Got your tongue stuck to a pole.
( ) Kissed a fish.
(X) Worn the opposite sexes clothes.
( ) Been a cheerleader.
(X) Sat on a roof top.
( ) Had sex at a church.
(X) Screamed at the top of your lungs.
( ) Done a one-handed cartwheel.
(X) Talked on the phone for more than 6 hours.
(X) Stayed up all night.
( ) Didn’t take a shower for a week.
(X) Pick and ate an apple right off the tree.
(X) Climbed a tree.
(X) Had a tree house.
(X) Are scared to watch scary movies alone.
(X) Believe in ghosts.
( ) Have more then 30 pairs of shoes.
(X) Worn a really ugly outfit to school.
(X) Gone streaking.
( ) Played ding-dong-ditch.
( ) Played chicken.
(X) Been pushed into a pool with all your clothes on.
(X) Been told you're hot by a complete stranger.
( ) Broken a bone.
(X) Been easily amused.
( ) Caught a fish then ate it.
(X) Made porn.
(X) Caught a butterfly.
(X) Laughed so hard you cried.
( ) Cried so hard you laughed.
( ) Mooned/flashed someone.
(X) Had someone moon/flash you.
(X) Cheated on a test.
(X) Forgotten someone's name.
(X) Slept naked.
(X) French braided someone’s hair.
(X) Gone skinny dipping in a pool.
( ) Been kicked out of your house.

Friday, November 04, 2005

Ambassadors of Love

Few as they are, they reveal to us yet another leverage at an elevation above our own. When we surmised our concept of the word was sufficient in order to execute OUR own legacy of love, we are interrupted by people whose definitions far eclipse our own... Far more superior, far more hollistic, diminishing the rest.

To do something stupid.

To feel alive.

And to know that i have made you happy,

then i have done my job.

People take advantage,

people laugh,

but if no one believes in love,

then what would others have?

I know that in this lifetime no one is going to be able to show the perfect romance.

If i can give it to someone and make their life special,

just seeing it in their eyes,

and feeling it in their kiss.

It is enough.