Tuesday, March 20, 2007

You break down my walls with the strength of your love.

Monday, March 19, 2007


First day back at work. My medication has got me weak, dizzy and nauseous. Laboured on my desk feeling very much compelled to kick the bucket up and go.

I got news today that under normal circumstances would have me jumping. I got a promotion today with a pay rise. I suppose it is something positive to put in my resume. A promotion within 6 months of commencing my role at the firm. I am happy. Wished i was feeling more energetic and well to celebrate the news though.

Thank You Jesus!

Friday, March 16, 2007

Just right now i am seated at a two stationed internet cafe in my cousin's newly established motel in Kuala Lumpur. I have reached the final leg of my vacation and am ecstatic to go home to Melbourne. There is no place like Melbourne.

I had fun and i had bad times as well. I guess i will delve into more detail once i am in the comfort of my bedroom in Australia because right now i am sweating my jocks off in this humid humid weather.

Just this afternoon i made a visit to the doctor at Bangkok's airport. I was feeling unwell and i had a rough idea of the cause and how i contracted the infection. Yes, i was a bad bad boi in Bangkok. It is a city of sin. So it turned out i had caught the flu and some infectious bacteria that is simply remedied with the basic antibiotics. Am scared though.

So i will be back home on Saturday... New ravishing clothes to wear, new footwear, new everything.


Thursday, March 08, 2007


Just arrived in Bangkok 2 hours ago. Reached my motel via taxi, went out to buy some bottled water, had some food delivered to my room and now using the internet in an internet cafe, the first time in 1 week.

I feel insecure. I am in a totally alien place, alien language, unfriendly people and an old rustic motel room with dim lights, less than clean toilet and no TV. I suppose i can not ask for much for around A$25 per night but i regret not going to a 4 star hotel just down the road for the comfort and security in my much needed predicament where the comfort of a hotel would lull me into a peaceful sleep ready for tomorrow. But i count it as an experience. I am all alone here in Bangkok. No friends waiting for me, no relatives like i did in Malaysia, not even acquaintances! I have to wait for my friends from Melbourne to arrive a couple of days from now so we could rendezvous and i could get the hell out of this motel.

I am not very sure what i would do tomorrow. I guess the first place i have to visit would be the tailor. All these designs i brought i want tailored here in Thailand. Followed by shopping... Shitty as my motel is, it is located just 1 minute away from Bangkok's biggest shopping area.

Ok. It is late and i have been flying around this peninsula for long enough. I feel dizzy and i feel like fainting... Kinda like in and out.