Friday, September 29, 2006

Typical items for my weekend bag.

1. Toothbrush
2. Two pairs of fresh underwear
3. Sebastian Hair Clay
4. Hair Dryer
5. Socks
6. Spare change
7. Bar Work Clothes
8. Cash
9. Lip Balm
10. Condom(s)

Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Kohl Rimmed Eye(s)

So my designer cousin in the UK was updating me the antecedent of all things trendy and fashionable in London. This is whats in...

The kohl rimmed eye. I know this is nothing pioneering as it has already been saturated by movies such as The Pirates of the Caribbean. It is taking this concept and improvising further with the idea that we get something really interesting to experiment with.

And so she proceeded on defending her claim on this new trend arguing that a lot of people mistaken men with eye make-up as being a drag. In fact, this was grounds that has already been covered with the likes of Ewan McGregor, Iggy Pop, Lou Reed, Orlando Bloom, David Bowie or the New York Dolls. Drag? I suppose not!

Back to what i was trying to relay, the thing that is worth mention here was the resurgence of the Stanley Kubrick movie. It was this movie that acted as the catalyst for the evolution of the
"Clockwork Orange" style. It circulated around this psycho who goes around in a violent rage. Pretty much of a shock value show with rapes and murders. So what we see on the streets of London are these indie kids walking around with bowler hats and a single right kohl rimmed eye. Pretty cool i say!

Monday, September 25, 2006


You know, where i go so does my cell phone. Thats right! It sits under my pillow when i sleep, it follows me to my private library, when i take the car out to the shops two minutes walk outside my house, at work and it sits next to the pots and pans when im cooking... JUST EVERYWHERE!!!

That is why all you guys should start getting suspicious when i do not pick up your call or reply smses.

Thank goodness for dual screen clampshell phones with caller IDs! More often than not an unwarranted phone call is greeted with a gruff and a tossing of my phone across the table waiting for my voicemail to be activated.

There is no excuse really...
Oh my God i just tallied up to 49 pairs of jeans that i own! Craziness.

Sunday, September 24, 2006

It rained heavily today.

And i was driving to my part time work. I ponder if i am overworking myself. 8 hours a day during the week in the office and 12 hours working at the bar on the weekends. I am young, i suppose i could get away with it.

20 metres from my work place and a boorish motocyclist zoomed and swerved between us cars rudely and rowdily. Cursing him in my head hoping he would collide in some castastrophic freak accident i blasted the music relishing the final minutes i had before i had to don on my alcohol infused apron and work the bar.


Revving the engine i made the U turn to work when i saw right up ahead approximately 100 metres from my car the same motorcyclist sprawled in the middle of the road with his bike metres away from him. It was surreal. I assumed his bike slidded off the wet bitumen and went crashing down. He then stood up and began walking towards his bike spectated by all the vehicles in the very big intersection.

I would be lying if i denied having any grain of satisfaction in my heart.

Wednesday, September 20, 2006

How do you expect one to accept you as a friend if you can not even accept yourself?

Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Driving home from work and i realised my high school librarian was driving alongside me. Immediately i was bombarded with images of her face. The times when we had a great deal of heated friction between us. In essence, you could say she was a complete bitch who was determined to make my visit at the school library a frustrating and an unenjoyable stay. Perhaps i was as uncompromising and as hot headed as her... Because somehow a great deal of my classmates gave her the leeway. Although we all unanimously concur of her controlling and unreasonable library policies. Actually, come to think of it we hated her guts. Her face was just of the greatest annoyance. It was bitter, hateful and never ceased to irk my irritance within.

Then i remembered one day as i was using the computer facilities in the library did she approach me with something to say that totally blew me away. She said sorry. Well the gist of what she muttered on that day was that she was going through a difficult time of her life in that period and that she realised her attitude towards others was not acceptable. She placed her arms around me and asked for my forgiveness. I hesitated.

Nevertheless i returned her hug and said that it was all fine. Naturally things were much different from that day on. As if all that nastiness were ursurped at that point in time. And then i see her driving side by side me today. Hmm.

So yes it was my first day at work today. Apart from the torment of feeling my eyeballs were being gouged out and mere lethargy, it was exciting. There were so much information and prodecures to digest and to execute in a short space of time. Basically it was a learn as you go process. It was like bang bang bang! I love my manager. She just exudes sincerity and warmth. The staff were extra helpful and caring, particularly the ladies. They showed the new recruits (me included) all the workings of the office.

I took home a small booklet of all the financial terms i have to get my tongue and head around. And then theres the inhouse software to accustomise myself to.

Tired as i am, i am off to watch Silent Hill at 9.30 tonight. Catch ya lata!

Monday, September 18, 2006

United Concert


So tomorrow is my first day at my new job.

Nothing could be more perfect. Only 10 minutes drive from home, 10am-6pm (i get to sleep in and to avoid rush hour), full-time and in the industry that i want to be in... ie. Finance.

My role will be a Mortgage Analyst for a mortgage consulting firm.

I am 50% complete.

Time to hone my energy into pacifying the other 50% gnawing at me.

Friday, September 15, 2006


Thursday, September 14, 2006

Double Cooked Smoked Chicken

serve with plum sauce and fresh chillies.

Wednesday, September 13, 2006

It’s like Wow! Today is madness galore! A day with stark contrasts and breaking news. Petrol prices!!! It is just amazing. In just a few days, prices have fluctuated from 145.9 cents a litre to 119.5 cents! A delight really, just amazing.

And then I received a call from my friend who just found out she got pregnant. Like Wow! And no, it was not within the parameters of a marriage. Do not enquire of me their intentions of the fetus’s future. Do not want to delve into it just yet. But yes, I could not help myself. Pardon my insensitivity in spite of her destitute and trust in confiding the news with me BUT, I just had to take a jab at it. So I jokingly chided, “So did you want a dictionary for Names?”

AND THEN!!! Lo and behold! My o’faithful cell phone (that said with an intense connotation of sarcasm) bungled on me. I mentioned previously the profound reliability of Korean Electronics. Well here is a sample of one that is merely 5 months old.

Utterly speechless. How could trash like this make it through quality control? How did it ever satisfy the criterions of the ISO??? Un-be-lie-va-ble.

Tuesday, September 12, 2006

@ Red Emperor

I disregard all decency at times. I remember those awesome years i had when my cousin was still in Melbourne. That was three years ago. Well she was 5 years older than me and was living life to the max. She used to live just across the highway from Monash University and i would visit her almost everyday during my first year of university. How fortunate i was to be able to be in university the same time she was in her final year in Melbourne. We did all sorts of crazy antics. I remember as a whole line of cars were at the traffic lights, we started to cross the road in front of them. Stopping in the middle of the road, we started flapping our arms like a chicken and started dancing in circles around the middle of the road like chickens while scratching the ground with our shoes as if we are looking for seeds. It was embarrassing alright! But we were having fun. Everyone was gawking at us. Cars at the lights, oncoming traffic and pedestrians.

Why am i reminiscing? Because her mum came to Melbourne to visit my cousins elder brother. And my aunt is no different from my cousin.

God! I miss the Ongs!

Addicts. Tsk Tsk.

Friday, September 08, 2006

It is the youth, my generation that sees us as the definition of life. The antecedent of all things young and vibrant. We thought we defined the new age and the way to live life, that the old ARE old and that their lives have come to a stand still. Plateaued by the throes of age and stagnated by their physical limitations.

I stand corrected.

Some of the people who contain the most vivacious and foreward outlook in life ARE the old. They have splintered the fallacy fore mentioned. I have not felt as vibrant and motivated ABOUT life by being with them. Yes, i have a few mature aged friends that i do spend time with. They are great. A dash of wisdom, a pinch of maturity and a pouring of vibrancy and optimism different from what i see in my kin. They say, "Life is too short to be boring." Who else is more qualified to say that than them? Because they have lived life. And because they have, they reach out to a freedom different to what a young graduate aspires to. The world is at their feet. Ready to trek the mountains of Manchu Picchu and scale the Great Wall.

Learn from them!

Melbourne Spring Fashion Week Day 4

Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Have you ever received news so good you just cried? News so good until you are jumping in the midst of those who have always supported you, too ecstatic to open your mouth to reveal the news? News so good you cannot help but smile all day long and hugging those around you?

Thank you Lord Jesus... From the depth of my heart.

Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Saturday, September 02, 2006


Sticky date pudding i made specially for visiting aunt.
A chip off the Hakka clan.

Serving mee siam.


Bro, Cuz and Me. (I look fucking bloated)