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"I think it is a very very bad idea for Aesop to associate itself with and endorse the subject of Islam. I believe the perception and image a company holds in their customers' minds are very important. Opening up my email and seeing the Aesop invitation to an Islam seminar fills me with great disappointment. It is not about being politically correct. It is about what customers want and does not want to see. I am a customer of Aesop because of its great products, not because it is a source of insight into the Islamic religion. The last thing i want to think about when Aesop comes to mind is Islam. Unfortunately the damage has been done. I have decided that i do not like Aesop anymore."

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Monday, April 16, 2007

The death of a relationship becomes a catalyst for one to resume the cycle of singlehood armed with the determination to conquer their past and to relinquish their memories, blotting it out with rebounds and flings only to find an inconsumable emptiness.

There came to existence a checklist. A mental note of all the criterions to be satisfied. And with each encounter came a revision. It was extensive. An esoteric mental demand that few could identify or ever come to terms with. It was the tenacity of the resolve and the revulsion of any forms of compromise that became the ultimate frustration and failure to launch.

Tenacity and determination? Criterions and standards?

You see, all these dissipated with the frustration yesterday. He was disarmed as that mental checklist he has so ardently defended vapourised. For in one blink, it no longer mattered. It no longer held any meaning or significance. It was annulled, obsolete.

He is complete.

Sunday, April 08, 2007


Weeks since returning to Melbourne only have i rallied enough diligence to upload my photos and write a brief synopsis of the trip.

There were three parts to this holiday. Basically 1 week in my hometown of Kuching where i have not been back for 7 years. I did all i had to do there, essentially enough to delay the need to return to this city for another 7 years.

Not that i dragged my feet grudgingly making my presence amongst my relatives, It just brought a rush of memories that i would rather stow away.

I managed to meet my cousin from Perth who went back as well for a holiday. She threw an engagement party and we all met her fiance. A Dutch, German and Indonesian bred bloke who has been dazed and assaulted with the local food delicacies hurled by my non-English speaking Grandfather whose only channel of communication is the extending of his generosity in the form of Pork innards, fish eye balls and beef penises.
And then there was my grandparents joint 87th and 82nd birthday celebration at the Hilton. It was unfortunate that not EVERY family member was able to return to this humble town for the celebrations. It was still good though, i was blessed with the opportunity to see those i have not seen for a considerable amount of time.

I made a trip to my Grandfather's nationally famous Crocodile farm and mini zoo. I hate crocodiles, evil creatures they are. Poured hot coffee on one of the crocodile's eye that was below me.

Skull of Bujang Senang. Famous Albino Crocodile who has taken the lives of many.

Also made a trip that i have always dreamt of... to the home where i was born and raised. It was a thoroughly surreal experience. Upon arrival, everything seemed smaller, unkept and humble. The street, the neighbouring houses and then my home. We were unsure of the current landlord so we merely said that we have returned from overseas and this was the home that we used to live in, the home i grew up in.

The lady was gracious enough to let us in as i roamed the house, my bedroom, my shower, my balcony. I was gripped with excitement as i transported myself back into time, following my footsteps, imagining myself talking to my mother, my nanny, the activities i would do as a child. I imagined lazy afternoons at home on school holidays... It was heart wrenching.

As we got out and proceeded to our car, our elderly neighbour from across the road began shouting my mother's name as she ran to us... her eyes were moist. We hugged, we had coffee, we talked.

It was good.

Paying respects to my late Grandmother.

Next up was the trip to Thailand. My mum stayed on in Kuching and i flew alone to Kuala Lumpur for an immediate transit to Bangkok.


I am not too sure how i should articulate my experience here. Short to say it was an undiluted shopping and culinary experience. I shopped, and then i shopped and i shopped again. Shopped during the day, have a fancy meal, go to a massage spa for an hour to ease my muscles carrying my newly found treasures and then back to shopping again. Come night and we will head off to sin city. Breaking my mould, doing shady and obscure activities and then come crashing down in my very generous friend's apartment.

The 4some at 'To Die For'

That was for a week.

Next up was Kuala Lumpur. This was going to be a mere stopover just to see people who matters. Shopping was was kept on a leash. Managed to chew through the cord however and splurged my already red and deficit bank account. This time round i stayed at my cousins newly started Motel business. Naturally i was given an above average room (although i paid for it). Met up with some old friends and then my flight back to Melbourne.

I Love Melbourne.

To see the rest of the photos taken go to:

Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Baroq House

Ostentatious and glamourous enough?

Well this will be the new home of Dash Productions with their weekly Friday night parties.

Very Marie Antoinette, very French Boudoir.

Starting this Friday night with a masquarade party (Think Mariah Carey's "It's Like That" video).

Do not forget to mention my name at the door.

9-13 Drewery Lane
Cnr Lonsdale & Swanston Street

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