Sunday, August 26, 2007

Working 5 days a week has wrought in me the resolute to make the most of the weekend. This weekend in particular has had me highly involved, leaving me exhausted and pacified. I do not even want to start how many kilometres i have accumulated on the weekend on my speedo.

What i want to impress on is a movie i watched on saturday called "The Home Song Stories". Rivoli in Camberwell was the only location that was screening this Art House movie (that i knew off) and so we went.

It is a story of a cabaret Chinese singer who moved to Australia with her kids in the 70s only to be greeted with hardship and pain. I do not wish to elaborate but i relished every scene of the movie and thoroughly enjoyed it.

Monday, August 20, 2007

Saturday, August 11, 2007

The Essential 10

Stockade Leather Belt. Simplicity is versatility. Regardless if i am dressing up or down, this belt will be hugging my waist. The leather has begun to show character that is further enhanced by the rustic look of the brass ring.

The cuban heeled boot. The shoe that gives your stride that much more confidence. I am a proud owner of three pairs.

Fashion News Men. A Japanese Fashion Publication i fell head over heels with since i first came into contact with an edition in Hong Kong. Images and images only with text to a minimum. Perfect.

Oscar de la Renta. An unconventional scent amidst the other labels. I am big on unconventional. AUD$77

Body Shop Lip Balm. Can NOT live without. A daily essential. AUD$6
Sonys for me only.
Kiehl's Lycopene Facial Moisturiser. I need all the antioxidants i can get for my skin. AUD$120

Some songs you get over in a week, some songs stays with you forever. Donna Lewis's music in this album has accompanied me for the past 12 years. Slow with mellow dance beats. I listen to her when i am alone or in reflection.

I derive ideas, not directions. AUD$40

Bass Works Sound system. Where else could i get drunk on dance beats that precedes a trip to the club?
AUD$700Sebastian Xtah Hair Clay. Was first initiated into the Sebastian magic by my younger cousin. The most amazing thing i have used for my hair for the past 4 years. AUD$50

Thursday, August 09, 2007

An Epiphany

It feels good, when people from your past sees you exactly the way you wanted them to.

Wednesday, August 08, 2007

8.08pm 08,08,2008

At precisely 1 year to the anticipated 2008 games in Beijing, every Chinese cannot help but feel at least a grain of pride in this milestone. The sentiment of pride and excitement has already begun.

I am disheartened however. With the glimpses I had of the country and Beijing last year I am dismayed in the manner the city subsists in. China is a country blemished with incalculable flaws. They liken the growth witnessed by China the past two decades as the second Industrial Revolution. No doubt the span of time between my last visit to 2008 will see a great improvement in the infrastructure of the city, technology could do away with that. But human habits, behaviors and forces of nature could not be rectified in a span of a year or two. Essentially, Beijing is not ready. They may be ready in terms of the facilities that will be provided, but they are in no way prepared to accommodate the International community with their tarnished human rights record and the tasteless display of public behavior.

Just the other day a friend of my parents were recalling an incident that happened to her while visiting the Great Wall. Running out of camera film, she purchased one from a stall that lined the tourist area only to find a piece of stone in the container.

And with the recent rampant news of toxic and dangerous Chinese exports to the US and the Chinese government trying to educate its impolite denizens, visiting tourist to the Games will not only be on the look out for the sporting events. They will also maintain a constant vigil, a conscious and mental effort into recognizing and piecing together the news they have familiarized to back home and the real China. That is not what we desire. We want the International community to come to China with an appreciation of our civilization and our remarkable transformation, what we have to offer the world; not with the notion of examining us to verify if our disfigured image abroad indeed translated into reality.

Because I fear that it would.

I love China, someday I might relocate to Shanghai for work. It is an exciting place to be at in this century. I acknowledge the fact that the country has made a great progress. They just require more time to sort themselves out.


Tuesday, August 07, 2007

So my American team member returned back to work for the project in Melbourne after almost a month furlough.


Had a test drive with it and was absolutely fantastic. It is the most beautiful mobile device. It felt solid and durable, a far cry from the standard iPods and Nanos. The functions were to die for and the resolution absolutely yummy.

Monday, August 06, 2007

Quotable Quote

"Jealousy, is like drinking poison in the hope that the other person dies."

Saturday, August 04, 2007

Thursday, August 02, 2007

A dear friend of mine studying medicine who has been in the delivery room the past week.

XXX says (9:50 PM):
i'm sick of seeing vaginas

gamble™ says (9:50 PM):
stop looking down then

XXX says (9:50 PM):
i dun mind mine
but i'm sick of looking at other ppl's v j j

gamble™ says (9:51 PM):

XXX says (9:52 PM):
gross n ugly
vaginas are so damn ugly

gamble™ says (9:51 PM):

Wednesday, August 01, 2007

So here I am on the 29th floor gazing out my window into the beautiful sunny day. It has not been as beautiful the month du jour where the rain has not ceased to disrupt.

I am restless, the glare off the office buildings beckoning my thoughts, enumerating the days into a perceptual vacation… distant from this concrete.

Already I hear the creaks from the awnings of some bungalow and the hot white sand between my toes.

Just another mid week afternoon day dream, symptomatic of a listless white collar.