Monday, March 13, 2006


So it is more or less global knowledge the happenings on Cronulla Beach in south coastal Sydney. The racial animosity and rioting cataclysmic in magnifying increased hatred amongst the muslim community and the rest of Australians. There is now a chasm between the muslim community and the rest of Australia.

Yes i am not fond of them. In fact i could be on par with those people who ran amuck on the streets of Cronulla. I am not insinuating my message. I am declaring my contention explicitly. Hey i was from Malaysia. A country dominated by an administration that pertains to a certain level of segregation and elitism. Did i mention Malaysia was an islamic state?

I do love Malaysia. Malaysia would not be where it was economically and socially without the entrepreneurial Chinese who are the backbone of the nation's success.

Back to Cronulla.

There is a trend that i have perceived in regards to this group of people. They are oblivious and ungrateful.

The consequential debates and shows ensuing the incident at Cronulla exhibited the fugly head scarf wearing women in exasperated anger yet comical decorum on the bleachers of the studio. There they are complaining that the Australian leaders are making comments that would incite increased hatred and division. They complain that the Australians are not responsible enough in dealing with the chasm that has singled them out of this society. They are after more humanitarian grounds, respect, freedom, and alleviated racism from the police force and other groups.

Here they are in Australia demanding for all these perks. Let us give a thought of what the situation would be like if the Cronulla incident were to happen in a muslim country or where they orinigated. Say Lebanon. Let us say that a Lebanese lifeguard was killed by Australian beach goers and were to retaliate and hurt people on a beach suburb of Lebanon. The consequence would NEVER be what it was in Australia. What? A slap on the wrist and then set free? The Australians in Lebanon would probably be castrated, decapitated, disembowelled, hanged, shot, oh! just whatever that damn sharia law dictates!!!

And here these muslims are on Australian National TV seated in a studio granted the opportunity to manifest their tasteless temper and stupid demands for "a fair go" and demanding that they should be treated better.

Boy! it truely is a trend globally. The Chinese were massacred in Malaysia due to the muslims inferiority and mental dynamics. The Chinese were raped and massacred in Indonesia because they were too rich and successful while the limited dimensions of the muslim populace gave them the satisfaction to be workers and employees of the Chinese.

So some of you may judge me, racist even but it is of minimal importance. I am not going to throw in an empathetic statement to counterbalance my vilifications. I am not going to say "Oh! but not all of them are like that. There are the good and peaceful ones."

So there you go. That is my contention for now. (Subject to changes)

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