Thursday, February 15, 2007

The Surgery

After four years of procrastination i finally did what i had to do. I underwent a surgery to remove all four of my wisdom tooth. Had the procedure on Monday and have been in discomfort since. Thank God i did not balloon up like a chipmunk like most people do. Just a slight bulge around my cheeks that somehow make me look like i have been playing the "Chubby Bunny" game in lower high school.

Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday were spend on light liquid food such as soups and shakes. Made a big pot of tomato soup to last me a couple of days and burnt my tongue over and over again over the course of the two days due to my ravenous appetite that is due to my insubstantial diet. So i developed this huge ulcer on my tongue that has tormented me the whole of today. Great huh!

I have all these events to go to this weekend i can not possibly have a bulge around my cheeks regardless of how inconspicuous it is. I truly hope the bulge will miraculously wane this evening so i can look normal and splendid for the weekend. Dang.

So today i decided i could no longer live on liquids and ate half a chicken as i started to taste blood in my mouth. The wounds and stiches were still too raw for the grind of chicken meat. It is back to soups i suppose.


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