Monday, May 07, 2007

(Phone rings) 7.00pm

Aaron: Hello?

XXX: Hi my name is (forgot) calling from GE finance. Can i please speak to Mrs. Freda Wong?

Aaron: Huh? GE finance? Who are you?

XXX: I am XXX from GE finance. Could you transfer me to Freda Wong please.

Aaron: Are you trying to sell me something?

XXX: NO, i am definitely NOT trying to sell you something. If she is not available could you please take a message this is important.

Aaron: She has got nothing to do with GE! What do you want? HANG ON!


Aaron: "Mum, are you in any way affiliated with GE finance?"
(Speaker left open so woman could overhear conversation with mum.)

Mum: "Ha??? No lah! What GE? We are not with that electric company! We are with AGL."

Aaron: "Aiya! I'm not talking about electric company. SOME WOMAN here wants to talk to you about GE finance. I dunno la! I think she just want to sell you something. So annoying!"

(Mum looks at phone held up high in my hand without any attempt to cover earpiece to muff our conversation.)

Mum: "Aaron ah!! You better be nice to THESE people."

Aaron: "Aiya! i'll just tell her to go away la."


Aaron: Hello? She does not want to talk to you. She has got nothing to do with GE okay?

XXX: FIRSTLY, I AM DEFINITELY NOT SELLING YOU ANYTHING. Are you going to let me talk to her or not?

Aaron: Tell me what is it in regards to first before i will do anything.

XXX: No i will not do that. It is against our privacy policy!

Aaron: Ok Bye!

(Who fucking calls from a Financial Firm at fucking 7.00pm?)

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