Saturday, June 30, 2007

Haemorrhaging Money.

With the effects of my Wisdom Tooth surgery still trailing on my wallet, i was hit again with the news that i needed a root canal surgery that was going to do a damage of A$700. How freaking spectacular is that? Stunning really.

So i underwent the surgery today to take out my hyper sensitive nerve in my tooth. Was injected with a dose of numbing solution only to realise that it was not enough. It was gruelling and traumatic as i heard them drilling into my tooth but i was still curious. I got the nurse to lend me a mirror so i held it up and watched them do away with me.

I kept my nerve as a souvenir which looked like Vietnamese Pho' noodles when it was fresh out of my tooth. Currently it resembles nothing more than a tiny piece of dried up grass. So that was it.

On the way home i detoured to a suit shop to get new suits for Accenture. I felt my current suit collection needed to be revitalised so that it would not look as tired. I reasoned that they were an investment into my career to soften the blow. So that was more money gone.

Not to mention what i paid for the paintings i just bought and little unexpected things that just crept up.


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