Friday, September 21, 2007

Work / Vacation

So my work will be sending me overseas for the yearly all expense paid training program. This time it would be held in Malaysia that will span over two weeks at the Marriott. Accenture employees at my level will all rendezvous in Kuala Lumpur from the Asia Pacific region for the intense training.

And at the conclusion of the training?


I have registered for the January 2008 batch and will conclude on the 1st February. From that point, i have a myriad of alternatives:

1. Fly to Shen Zhen to rendezvous with a friend en route to Shanghai and Taiwan.
2. Rendezvous with a friend in Tokyo or with another friend in Osaka with a possibility to Seoul.
3. Travel to Mauritius or some pacific island nation.
4. On a smaller scale i could just go to some remote tropical Malaysian island
5. Or just to a short trip to Bangkok for shopping...

These are the skeletal plans for my vacation and have yet to be set in stone. I am looking for travel mates so give me a buzz if you happen to be in the region or travelling at the same time as me.

Perhentian Islands (Malaysia)

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