Saturday, November 03, 2007

The Corporate Games

So its 2-3 weeks until the Australian Corporate Games and i am still a far cry from fit. I shall be taking part in the swimming event with three other Accenture mates of mine representing Accenture. The good thing is all three of my team members were a part of some high swimming accolade in the past. One who represented Malaysia, one who competed in the Youth Olympics and another representing his school in Australia. And me? hahaha...

Well me, i can swim... of course i can! But the last time i tried traversing a 50m pool had me gasping for breath just halfway with cramps in my feet, not to mention a headache from all the effort. UNFIT! And here were my teammates organising a swimming strategy for me and a training program to get fit... Not at an amateur level, but at an intensity that runs hand in hand with their league! Essentially i was expected to do 2.5km at a single training. I have been coerced to wake up at 6am and to meet at 7 in the morning to train before going to work. Like crazy? Siao!

I am half kicking myself for giving up badminton for swimming. I would ace at badminton!

But it is a challenge and i am up for it. Besides, it felt good being back in a pool. I remember my primary school years back in Malaysia where i could swim a 100m long pool with areas as deep as 10m without much of a hassle. It really felt like swimming in a big lake. Those were my fit days... sigh.

Oh and i have to wear speedos.

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