Sunday, January 13, 2008

Post New Year's Eve and life has started settling back into the motions. Working during the week and partying hard on the weekends. Yes, an endless cycle.

Alot has occurred in the past two months or so and i have failed to reflect this due to my lapsed effort to update this blog.

I suppose my next milestone and the driver that keeps me motivated at work is my getaway in February and March for exactly one month.

So everything has been set in stone. My flights, my acccomodation, my rendezvous and the events that i will be attending during this period.

Departing on the 23rd of Feb i will be leaving for Kuala Lumpur for the mandatory 2 weeks Core Analyst Programme for work. Immediately on the last day of the programme, i will jet off to Singapore (which i have not been to for 8 years) to rendezvous with friends for a couple of days before departing to Tokyo and possibly Osaka for 12 days.

I am rapt! So much to look forward to, so many events to attend and so many people i am dying to meet. Namely my Japanese pen pal in Tokyo who i met during my language classes back in 1997 when she was on exchange in Melbourne.


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