Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Sailing Voyage - July


Sam said...
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Sam said...

hey- just wanted to comment on your's pretty awesome, i just spent 30 mins quickly perusing each page. It's amazing how you weaved in your love of food together with a penchant for fashion (you're defo a shoe addict, if no one has told you that yet- let me be the first). just some little bits and pieces of reaction to your blog:

the spore vs m'sia cabinet comparison- pretty funny but that doesn't mean spore is all what it's cracked up to be. just b/c cronysim and nepotism self manifested with a gang of mostly harvard alums doesn't mean it's an awesome country.
-now to more chipper thoughts, haha-

-the iphone is an awesome phone, your disdain for crappy consumer electronics should be a clear sign to get one- and hey! it comes out down under next week. i've been a happy user for a yr now. it's my life
-JT concert. it was off the chain, i saw it at madison sq last summer, and that night it was filmed for HBO. timbaland ruled the half time show. awesome night.
- your pics of bkk brought back some cool memories, i stayed at this hotel..something princess, right behind the MBK center
-awesome you're in finance, so am i. tho living in the finance epicenter during a crappy mkt does have it down sides.
- hip hop and r&b? what's big with the aussie's when it comes to hip hop/r&b scene? I just went to kanye's glow in the dark concert a few weeks ago, the day after was sickkk, catch it if he makes his way down there.

I almost wish i had a blog, it almost seems unfair for me to look inside your world and not the opposite. though I've wanted to start one for a while now.

anyway just wanted to leave you some props, keep blogging man!

DJ DENIM said...

one word -lame, enough said