Sunday, September 21, 2008

Walking on a dream

Just the other day i stumbled across a blog aggregating site that categorised blogs in the Australian blogosphere. And there i found my blog listed under "Woes". Presumptious perhaps, but considering the fact that my blog is the only channel where i consult to unleash my grievances, it inadvertently presents itself like a blizzard of my unhappiness and gripe. An unintentional anthology of the negative. This was never intended to represent my emotional dichotomy.

So it has been a few months since my last post and i am back because i am unhappy. Unhappy enough to inspire myself to pen and articulate my thoughts and musings.

I have been on this path for a couple of years now and although i have established inroads on one aspect, the other is nothing but a stronghold of disappointment and dejection. It is bewildering. Why is it that i place so much hope in this ever materialising? Why is it that of the myriad of things to be happy and contended for, am i such an unhappy person when this becomes a subject of conversation? And of all my friends who are there to support and console me, i still keep the majority of my problems to myself, wrenching my heart out in the confines of my room. And then reappearing under a facade that parlays someone who hasn't got a problem in the world.

Whoever said to "love as if you have never been hurt" was an absolute moron.


Anonymous said...

Was looking for Deng Xiao Ping's write up n by accident saw ur blog.

"Whoever said to "love as if you have never been hurt" was an absolute moron. " - you are absolutely right about this. Can understand that.

- Clarie

danielreeders said...

hey aaron,

it's jeremy's partner, daniel reeders.

a while ago you told me something really quite offensive - and it took me two years before i could see past the "you guys" in the statement to the truth of what you'd said.

lately i've been doing some more work on the sexual racism project, and also applying for funding for a project about sexual health and social wellbeing in gay and lesbian international students.

if you're still around, would you be up for a conversation about your experience in melbourne?

let me know. no agendas.