Friday, June 03, 2005

Teetering at the Edge

A vent of escape from this episode of madness is requisited. The agglomeration of headaches from irritance with contemporaries to a disgruntled employee of La Fiamma, the toilful attempts at studies... complexities with the inner world... and the other bitching and griping that would be too blunt to be divulged.

The annoyance! Self indulgent and utterly consumed in herself. Inconsistency is the issue in question! Blathering on and on, denying the very essence of what she epitomises now. Do not misconstrue the point here. Goodwill did exist, but the manner of her trumpeting her good fortune gleans a glimpse of what she really pursues. No, she would not consent to any hint of negativity or disenchanted responses. To do so would be perceived and interpreted by her as a vestige of grudging of goodwill, covetousness and would colloquially be known as a 'lousy friend'. Hah!


Back to my studies.

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