Wednesday, June 22, 2005


Numerous affairs and events have occurred. Apologies for the hiatus since the last substantial entry rather than the blathering and blandishment of my domestic capacity. Hate domestic. But lately the confinement of social inclinations and spontaneity have grinded into an abrupt halt. No, this is not an insinuation to the deplorable yet ubiquitous subject of examinations that has plagued the academical zealots, rather it is a referential milestone to all things concurrent with the examinations that has made the trip all the more perilous.

Yes. It happened. Of all the plausible scenarios taking place. Never would this be anticipated. I missed my exam. (Elaborations zilch - cold turkey)

OK! The economy of events encircling life at the moment has taken a steep plunge.

No matter, the tempest is vacating.
Already i catch the glisten of the ominous horizon. June 30

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