Thursday, November 17, 2005


Okay, the past couple of days were pretty... fun in a way, but concluded in a utterly traumatic experience. Since i was flying off on the 6th, i wanted to look impeccable. Fortunately i played safe and had a hair cut today which is like 2 weeks before the 6th. God oh god! I can not even start to describe how horrid the result of my hair visit was. Having a not bad, but extremely bad hair cut is so traumatic and sad. Call me vain but to tell you folks the truth, i want to have a good and stylish mane.

I bet there are some malicious people out there snickering at the thought of my having a hair snag.

It was a usual hair visit. Told him to cut my hair as usual then buried my face into the magazines. Minutes later i looked up and literal shouted: "OH MY GOD!!!" I think i startled people around me. He totally shaved my head like a.... Pinepapple! Just visualise my side scalp like the pineapple fruit with the top of my head like the thorny leaves. I went beserk!

Sigh i do not even want to recall today's episode. Horrific... just horrific... I can not possibly wear a cap everywhere during my trip! What more to say when i go clubbing. Shiet!

Anyway we started looking frantically through the hair magazines to try fix the mess. I could not even think straight... So we tried improvising with the SHIT we had on his hands. Tried this and that but to no avail. SO, he had to cut this *bleep bleep*.

I do not want to be excessive with my complaining. Will leave it here.

For your information, the perpetrator of this crime is Laly Kwok, working at Q&A on Russell St. next to China Bar. Sigh... I think my Von Dutch cap will be my faithful companion for the next few weeks.

Shoot Laly!

Ok, but prior to this nightmare, i made dinner for a few friends at their apartment. I made Nasi Lemak...

Following are photos in sequential order whilst preparing the sambal belachan and beef rendang (Borneon indigenous style).

What a shame in all the hustle and bustle, i forgot to put roasted peanuts. Dang! Oh and by the way, everything was made from scratch. Ehehe.

But it was all good. A couple of guys brought cab sav and fruity wine. Good accompaniments.

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