Monday, January 02, 2006


My expectations for the revelry planned for the eve of 2006 were eclipsed unexpectantly by the sudden decision to partake of a certain substance.

Nevertheless, i went for a house party where we had the countdown. We left early and headed off to a club in South Yarra. From that point on, things were a flurry as the night imploded haphazardly into a hotpot of exhilarations and euphoria. I was drenched, soaked down to my knickers with beverages from ALL sources. I epitomised filfth.

I had to give careful thought in the selection of photos to publish. We took limited shots and the ones we had were rather inappropriate to espouse.

All in all, i certainly had a good time as everyone else on that night i am sure. It has been six fucking years since 2000! 2006... i harbor many expectations and goals i only hope will come to fruition.

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