Saturday, January 07, 2006

I went to church today again. Never did absorbed an ounce of anything. It had always been due to the deficient attendance or my wandering thoughts while seated on the pews gazing at the pulpit.

For today, it was my cell phone that drew my thoughts. I started reading all my messages for the year of 2005. I have never liked to erase my messages. I have always fashioned them to be something sentimental to trace my journey and life over the year.

I was on the verge of tears as i read them gradually. I read over the messages that held so much love... Messages that poured out their hearts and emotions that time has made me forget. Love that i became desensitized to.

The thing about time and irony is that they are woven so soundly together. As of now those people who were so dear to me... i just wish...

There are these handful of individuals my body yearns to hold. Mulling over them, induces me to remember the smell of their clothes. People i have taken granted off. People who loved so immensely i chose to hold in disdain.

Sentiments has gotten hold of me today.

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