Friday, March 16, 2007

Just right now i am seated at a two stationed internet cafe in my cousin's newly established motel in Kuala Lumpur. I have reached the final leg of my vacation and am ecstatic to go home to Melbourne. There is no place like Melbourne.

I had fun and i had bad times as well. I guess i will delve into more detail once i am in the comfort of my bedroom in Australia because right now i am sweating my jocks off in this humid humid weather.

Just this afternoon i made a visit to the doctor at Bangkok's airport. I was feeling unwell and i had a rough idea of the cause and how i contracted the infection. Yes, i was a bad bad boi in Bangkok. It is a city of sin. So it turned out i had caught the flu and some infectious bacteria that is simply remedied with the basic antibiotics. Am scared though.

So i will be back home on Saturday... New ravishing clothes to wear, new footwear, new everything.


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