Thursday, July 05, 2007

We have been rapped in intense training the past few days that will extend until the end of next week. The sheer quality of the managers and Seniority that imparted their experiences and knowledge has piqued in us a shit load of motivation and inspiration. Fifteen new Analyst with a verocious appetite for a hands on experience to show them what we got to offer.

The past few days and days yet to come has been a harrowing interim for each of us as we gradually ascertain as to what assignments we shall be appointed to. Slowly, one by one each of us has been discreetly vacuumed into our own very different projects. So today was the precipice of my experience at Accenture. After the close of business as we made our way for drinks, i received an unexpectant call. It was a woman with a heavy American accent who was inviting me to join her team with her client. I realised at that instant that i have finally been appointed a project! The feeling, although not as intense was reminiscent of those calls you get informing you of a job offer. This was going to be my first ever project working with a client that is in the top 10 biggest companies in Australia.

I am excited but all the same calculating in my capabilities and proficiencies, monitoring my confidence (or over confidence) at every step of the way.

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