Sunday, August 26, 2007

Working 5 days a week has wrought in me the resolute to make the most of the weekend. This weekend in particular has had me highly involved, leaving me exhausted and pacified. I do not even want to start how many kilometres i have accumulated on the weekend on my speedo.

What i want to impress on is a movie i watched on saturday called "The Home Song Stories". Rivoli in Camberwell was the only location that was screening this Art House movie (that i knew off) and so we went.

It is a story of a cabaret Chinese singer who moved to Australia with her kids in the 70s only to be greeted with hardship and pain. I do not wish to elaborate but i relished every scene of the movie and thoroughly enjoyed it.

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Billy said...

I went to see this with my boyfriend, and we were both a bit teary by the end. Such a great movie - it's odd, because I was born in Australia, and in the 80s, so my experience was in some ways very different to the movie, but all the same there were things which resonated so strongly.

I spent my first 3 years of life in one of those commission flats that Joe lived in with the other restaurant workers.