Saturday, August 11, 2007

The Essential 10

Stockade Leather Belt. Simplicity is versatility. Regardless if i am dressing up or down, this belt will be hugging my waist. The leather has begun to show character that is further enhanced by the rustic look of the brass ring.

The cuban heeled boot. The shoe that gives your stride that much more confidence. I am a proud owner of three pairs.

Fashion News Men. A Japanese Fashion Publication i fell head over heels with since i first came into contact with an edition in Hong Kong. Images and images only with text to a minimum. Perfect.

Oscar de la Renta. An unconventional scent amidst the other labels. I am big on unconventional. AUD$77

Body Shop Lip Balm. Can NOT live without. A daily essential. AUD$6
Sonys for me only.
Kiehl's Lycopene Facial Moisturiser. I need all the antioxidants i can get for my skin. AUD$120

Some songs you get over in a week, some songs stays with you forever. Donna Lewis's music in this album has accompanied me for the past 12 years. Slow with mellow dance beats. I listen to her when i am alone or in reflection.

I derive ideas, not directions. AUD$40

Bass Works Sound system. Where else could i get drunk on dance beats that precedes a trip to the club?
AUD$700Sebastian Xtah Hair Clay. Was first initiated into the Sebastian magic by my younger cousin. The most amazing thing i have used for my hair for the past 4 years. AUD$50

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