Monday, August 08, 2005


An Indian sage once told of an exemplary insight of the human conscience. He ascribed the heart as the flesh that contained a triangle as the core. Here humans are birthed into the world possessing the innocent heart, free from the scrapings of human tendencies to evil.

But with each malevolent and malicious acts, the triangle moves. Not around the heart but around its also imaginary axis. Therefore scraping at the flesh of the heart inducing guilt, hurt and regret. However, with the persistance at evil and the inclination of humans to dismiss their guilt, the more the triangle moves. It scrapes at the heart until one day it will spin freely, free of any flesh to tear away at us, and our guilt. What we have now is literally a hole in the heart. What we have is the inability of us to feel a morsel of remorse, guilt and regret, elements that is instrumental in guiding our paths.

This is my fear. I fear that one day i will have not an ounce of human, that one day i may merely gaze at my doings from a lofty perch of indifference. I yearn to be shot with an arrow. An arrow to remind me of good, mercy and empathy.

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