Wednesday, August 03, 2005


Considering it was a tuesday and the fact that this was my first schedule free tuesday in months, i took the opportunity to watch two movies. One in Chadstone and the other in Century City. What i want to talk about here was an episode that took place in Century City that made me analyse and rethink my "Hate people who..." list.

Searching for our allocated seats somewhere in the middle section, i caught a glimpse of someone who i knew from university. I generously waved to him and offered a smile only to find my unnecessary generosity returned with a sideway glance.

WHAT THE FUCK! Yes that was it! It topped my list for sure.Number 1. Hate people who do not say Hi.

To elaborate, people who for a certainty knew who you were and just pretended that they did not see you when both parties had exchanged eye contact. But to make it worse, people who do not even return a greeting. Incomprehensible behavior, unbelievable and just plain weird. But who cares. This is certainly not a deterrent for me to greet that blasted idiot when i do see him again.

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