Sunday, August 28, 2005

"What is our mission as journalists at the collections? I guess the most important thing for fashion professionals is to read the worldviews of the times from collections. In my case, it is a bit different. It is not in my nature to see fashion objectively. What comes first for me is intense emotions, the feeling of 'I want to wear this.' Then, it is after i calm my emotions that i am able to start to think about the trends and the times. If i am not inspired to wear the clothes, i can't be bothered. The joy of wearing fashion gives me energy to work as a stylist. I am not sure if it is a right stance. But, i know for a fact that you can't enjoy the attraction of clothes unless you wear them. Just like you can't review food without eating it, reviewing fashion just by looking at it is nothing but fake and phony preaching by a learned fool. My Yamato spirit will not allow that. So here i am, after 39 years with this attitude, blessed with this great opportunity to be editor-in-chief of Fashion News MEN'S."

Tomoki Sukezane

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