Thursday, October 13, 2005

Mellow My Mind

Been bogged down of late. The prologue of the final and conclusive impediment shall be superseded abruptly with the epilogue of a period of this life. Things will slip with a blur from then on. The annums speeding through to an ambivalent, unthreaded way of existence. Like a tree branch, a sprout so out of place, so unbelonging.

This part of it, a diminutive scrawl in the continuity of our allowances on earth. It proved a soul-searching experience. A stanza definitive of the rest of the one identity beholded.

The stage concluding... The curtains drawing back. We have reached the final leaves of the pages. Never to unfold again.

Here from the top of the mountain, i see you there... In the cool night air... Someday in my life, someday in my life...

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