Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Sleep where art thou?

I could always empathise with people who come to me with their sleep problems and insomnia. I remember the awful year of 2002 where i suffered sleep problems for one whole year. Now seriously, i really did manage just around 2 nights of decent sleep. The reason being i was so tired from the other sleepless nights i guess my body just had to shut down and sleep.

Insomnia can be a traumatic and an extremely frustrating experience... I was so bothered by it i would literally cry in desperation to sleep in bed. God! writing these sentences bring back bad memories as of now!

However, through that experience, i have developed a few techniques in combating sleeplessness. Though they sound bizarre and maybe ridiculous, i see no reason for a desperate imsomniac to sidestep some of my 'ahem' remedies. Hiak hiak.

First Remedy: Half/half Remedy

1. Lie down on your bed in a comfortable position.
2. Open your eyelids halfway.
3. Stress your eyelids so it is tired. Try to open it halfway as long as possible.

The logic in this remedy is that the muscles behind the eyelids become strained and tired, thus making you sleepy.

Second Remedy: Blow-Dry Remedy

1. Lie down on your bed in a comfortable position.
2. Turn on a fan on the lowest speed and blow it straight into your face.
3. Open your eyes and keep them open allowing the wind to blow into your eyes.

The logic behind this remedy is that the wind dries your eyes making them tired. Plus the constant monotonous whirring of the fan motor will probably get your mind off things.

Good Luck!

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rachel said...

Try closing ur eyes with contacts on for like 15 mins....tke them off and ull sleep like a baby :)