Tuesday, February 28, 2006


So it is confirmed. Hasty and unplanned as it was, I will be heading to China in just over two weeks. Got my ticket from the agent and also made the visit to the Chinese consulate in Toorak to apply for a visa to enter the country.

So what were the chances of me living in a host city of a major international sporting event and at the same time jetting off to some Ting Tong land in the north? The Commonwealth games commence in just 16 days and i will miss all of it. Thank goodness though that i am departing a day after the opening ceremony.

My itinerary, well essentially Kuala Lumpur for a day then the next day to Beijing. Will stay at Beijing for a few days then to Tianjin and Chengde. Ironically aside from all the fabulous ancient sites in China, my highlight would be the return trip to Malaysia where i could meet those friends i thought i would not see for at least another 5 years. Oh! and shopping.


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