Friday, February 03, 2006


I have always suspected that the remedy to solicit a person's genuine empathy and understanding to your irresponsible actions were to make void all excuses.

However, when placed in the spot, i never did muster my reasoning. I have always just blurted out all excuses and lies head on to justify my actions. Lately though, i have challenged myself otherwise. In fact, i have put my theory to the test. Just a couple of weeks ago i was to attend a girlfriend's 25th birthday at this bar.

I was buggered. In addition i was enjoying my time with another friend and was too lazy to move. Hence i did not call my friend to advice of my absenteeism.

So the following day i endured the anticipated "Inquisition". I decided then and there to come clean. I said sorry and that it was my fault. I did not attach an excuse to the sorry neither did i offer to alleviate my guilt. Usually i would have thrown in a "Oh i finished work late" or the age old "Sorry i'm feeling a lil tired".

I elected to make it short, first apologizing and then the admittance of my mistake and guilt.

The Inquisition ended then and there.

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