Wednesday, February 15, 2006


I recently ordered and commenced taking this product called Mannatech Ambrotose. I am not exactly sure how it works but it enables our cells in our bodies to communicate better through the supplement of the 8 essential sugars our body needs. Once our cells communicate between each other efficiently, it enables the cells to do a better job in everything. I am not going to attempt explaining exactly how it works or what it does exactly because i have forgotten what the person said and i do not wish to give ill information.

Anyhow, i have heard firsthand account on how this product has actually assisted this lady to battle cancer and suppress it. So she got better right, and when she got better she became CHEAPSKATE and ceased taking it. So she went downhill again. However, whenever she took it she got better. The thing i do not grasp is why the yo-yo behavior. It is CANCER man!! So during one of her cycles of taking and not taking, she got bad... because she did not take it... in which she finally succumbed to the disease.

Other testimonies i know firsthand is this person who battled tiredness. A setback that was abruptly dissolved by this product.

Haha and for me?? My face is just positively glowing! I somehow look healthier. Okay perhaps i have been subjected to the placebo effect but i know i have felt the difference.

One puny jar of this exalted powder will do you a damage of $100 Australian dollars. $Ka Ching$


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