Tuesday, January 09, 2007

A Delayed Retrospect of 2006

2006 will not be remembered as a year of undiluted pleasures. As a matter of fact, i scorn it. It is ironic that my graduation certificate and studio photos of me with the forementioned document clenched in my fist and embellished on the walls of my home should in fact instill in me a sense of pride and accomplishment. What more to say that i secured myself a place in the workforce? Accomplishments designed to be recorded in the annals of my own memory.

Nope! It definitely was not enough. 2006 was wrought with uncertainty, blemished with the perpetual reminder of my shortcomings, loneliness and the erosion of my dignity. So i laboured all the past years to be in receipt of my current status. What next? I definitely did see the light at the end of the tunnel and upon arrival deemed myself as dissatisfied as ever.

I am frantic! A zealot of progress and advancement. The impetus in me gnawing at me. 2006 was a hindrance, a transition. Imperative as it may be, it was a grievance.

There was however, something that would balance the scales. Once again i have met and befriended a great deal of people that has that effect on me... "Did i REALLY meet that many people in 2006???"

I am rather certain of myself the relationships forged in 2006 will follow me through many years.


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