Thursday, January 11, 2007

Time to get shortchanged. HEFTILY!

So i have reached the age where my four wisdom teeth are emerging. Basically i was referred to by two dentists to a surgeon as my case was very serious. Lookin at the X Ray image, my bottom two teeth marked with a X are growing horizontally. The dental term being "Impacted" pretty serious as the roots are threathening my nerves near my jawline. Any mistakes in the surgery would mean paralysis around my jaw.

I am pissed scared to tell you the truth.

The other downside is the money involved. I will be charged A$2200!!! The whole procedure and all. That was when my friend recommended me to do overseas. In malaysia, the same procedure would cost A$150. Just compare the difference! The ticket back would be in the vicinity of A$1000. Add it all up and it still is much cheaper. What is more, i get to go on a holiday, go shopping and eat my favourite noodles.

Called my dad who is currently in Malaysia to investigate the dental practices in my hometown. He showed them my X Ray and they said it is better i did it in Australia where they are better at such a complicated procedure.


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