Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Career and stuff.

Considering the fact that this semester is my final, i have been consumed with the fresh-graduates syndrome. You know, the disheartening apprehension if you will be employed and the prospects of getting a decent job. I recalled the last time i was consumed with this feeling. It was during my last year of secondary school where i worked my ass off. My mind was literally riveted with the thought of not securing a high enough ENTER score to get into the course and university i wanted. Whenever i put my pen down for a pause to rest from my studies, i would be harassed by images of me pushing supermarket trolleys on the streets and becoming a bogan* flicking bogey at flies on the wall. I was distraught. SCARED! So instantaneously i get this fresh boost of energy to work my ass off for another 5 hours before i call it a day.

What a life!

But my work paid off. I got 94.3 for my ENTER. Yes it is humble in comparison to those other Asian nerds who whinge about getting 99.999995 or something. Idiots.

Back to what i am trying to say.

So the last time i was tormented by this nerve-racking feeling, i turned out okay. This time round i hope i still carry the luck aura haha. Something like Warcraft 3... you know! the auras the hero emanates.

You see, right this instance i am midway in completing an extensive, mentally taxing and torturous graduate application with this organisation. I am flat out! Tomorrow is the cut off date for a great many companies and i have only covered a few. (I have begun to suspect this blog entry was to serve as a vent for my frustration. Hmm)

So it is my utmost desire and hope that things would turn out well as it had the last time.

The weekend is going to be mad!


Harry Toulacis said...

I completely agree with you.

Harry Toulacis said...

It is frighteningly honest in every way!