Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Foreigners in Hibernation.

Well superficially we all seem to converse and dialogue decently enough. Individuals from constrasting extremities in upbringing who are able to hold mundane conversations.

What i mean is that we interact with people everyday. People we have known for a long time or some that has just signed in to our lives in the past day or two.

So here we are talking. Uttering about every subject under the sun and then we enthuse about the feeling that we have every single thing in common and that our minds are alike.

But have you ever recalled an incident where a great conversation went ugly with something so paltry, a topic so ordinary yet powerful enough to disfigure the mood. Suddenly we come across this person who we thought of us our kin as someone so alien. Suddenly our thoughts are enstranged from each other. Suddenly they come under a different light.

We ask ourselves how on earth did this person got so close to us. What was it that drew us together initially? Because at this instance they amount to nothing but foreign.

There is so much that we do not know in the deep recesses of one's thoughts. Beware!

Friends today, strangers the next.

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