Friday, April 28, 2006


I have great respect for those who know boundaries and adheres to it. I have an even greater and profound respect for those who chooses not to exploit the vulnerability of someone when their secrets, demons and weaknesses are laid at the feet exposed.

Rather than enterprising from their vulnerabilities, they shrug it off saying that it is not any of their concern and that they are entitled to their privacy. Sadly to say there is but a minority of those who i could respect in this sense.

How many of us would lunge forward to devour the juice of someone's misfortunes and secrets? How many of us possess any sense of propriety and self respect when it comes to the image and dignity of another?

So often we revel in the destruction of others. To see them struggle in their waste and predicament. The will to abstain from noxious gossip and speculation is almost impossible to muster.

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Harry Toulacis said...

Am totally with you once again bro.