Sunday, April 02, 2006

In Transition

My Summer loving friends have always questioned me my favourite season. In my first few years in Melbourne i have always answered with Winter. This reply solicits remarks that usually ridicules my preference. And in response, i would even describe my perfect day. A cold cold Winter evening, overcast, gentle breeze, the last shreds of Autumn leaves to be seen on the streets and strolling on Russel St. with someone you love. Hmm.

Winter is encroaching. This time round however, there has been a slight shift in paradigm. My inclination over the years has evolved. I have grown to love Spring and the warmer weather. Because right now i am alluded to the ugly faces of Winter. The dreary, bleak and miserable weather, the cold that attacks your fingers and toes, loneliness, a cold bed, ughhh. Apart from my perfect day, everything else is dismal.

Ironically i am still looking forward for Winter. I miss those walks in the city tugging uselessly at your jacket to keep out the cold and the feeling of contemplation that tends to overwhelm you when you are out alone waiting to meet someone or even a trip to 7-11.

I love Winter.

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