Monday, July 24, 2006


So it is a certain. My good friend is going to drop everything he has right now in Melbourne, up and away to Canada.

I am trying not to be selfish. I am trying to discriminate between my desires. I want my friends to stay close by my side. I have lost enough of them through maritime separation. Yet on the other i know that my friend(s) will be happier, to live out what they have always desired although i doubt the truism of the decision. If it perhaps was made on the foundation of greed and self fulfilment or the betterment of their own future however shrouded it may be to their foresight.

Tomorrow i will be meeting up with them as they are going to elaborate what cannot be done over the phone. Sum to say, he has got everything here. A house, two cars, a private zoo in his private abode, a beautiful partner, friends and finally to add, he is in his final year of his degree in the University of Melbourne. And suddenly he decides to up and go based on the volatility of emotions and feelings? Is he going to leave his post in University gaping wide? Abandon everything he has got? Unwise. Utterly.

I have to admit the anticipated vacuum has already begun gnawing at me. I am bothered and yes saddened by the news. I will brace it. I have gone through this since kindergarten. Except the older you get, you become more conscious of the role the person plays in your life. You are better able to understand what the departure of a friend means and consequently the vacancy of their leave has a whole new leverage than losing a friend in primary school.

So tomorrow i will see my friend. The days are already numbered. Let me forge a memory of the time left for us. They are going for certain. The only uncertainty being their return.


Alex said...

Friends come and go... only memories remain....

Cibetronic said...

Don't take it too hard on yourself ok. Everything must come and go. Be happy with who or what you have now. Cherish them with all your heart. I wish you friend all the best. :)