Thursday, July 13, 2006

It seems like my mental subconscious is forever preoccupied in worry, important dates to observe, bad events that have occurred, anxiety in anticipating some outcome from a given situation or just agonizing over some petty person or money. Mentally i became so accustomed to this mode and have more or less been the status quo for most of the days in the year.

Today, as i am sitting on my desk fumbling with my thoughts and dissecting my mental timeline in trying to enlist all the things i have to attend to and to brood over, i realised i could not find one. Pretty amazing. It is like under all that haze that dimmed my superficial subconscious making me live in a fallacy of worries, lies nothing... No problems or worriment to be hassled with. Kinda like... free?


Of course I realise this is but a temporal vent of escape before i am immersed into it all once more.

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