Monday, July 17, 2006

I love my mum.

You know why? Because she is my moral touchstone. An anchor to remind me of goodness in life. Because i am like a renegade, a rebel who revels in the gaiety of the world. Because i have relinquished and supplanted my conscience deep into my recesses without any plans to dig it up anytime soon.

Today i had lunch with her. She brought me to a community centre. It was a far cry from the hip and epicurish cafes and restaurants i frequent in the city. This was different. It was a community centre organised by volunteers, patronised by the elderly or the poorer folks of this community. I arrived in disdain. But my mum reminded me never to look down on anyone. The place was decorated simplistically. The materials were at very best modest and demure, but the warmth of the staff somehow got to me.

A meal would cost you a staggering A$3. The portions generous.

She told me that two important things for a person to always commit into memory is to always have mercy and truth, and to intertwine these aspects round your heart. Success and the favor of men will follow.

I will try to commit this to heart.


Alex said...

I've learnt a lot from my mum too.... Gosh... I miss her now...

Harry said...

Very wise thoughts