Thursday, July 27, 2006

Autumn in Late July

Today was good. Really good actually.

It was one of those rare days of the week or month where you get to afford yourself anything you want. To treat yourself and while the time away without any appointments to do.

This was the only day that i had off from work so i caught up with a high school friend of mine who i have long prolonged a "catching up session" since last year. So i woke up at... I think it was 12.30 arvo. Went to the kitchen, cooked up Pad Thai for my family and then rushed off to meet my friend for a movie.

We watched Me, You and Dupre. I was amazed at the movie. Not because of the plot, the storyline or how well the actors acted. Throughout the movie i saw the overhead microphone filmed in the movie. How could they director not have picked that up??? A bloody microphone was being filmed visible from the top of the screen. I even saw the shadow of the rod. Tsk Tsk. It definitely was a feel good movie.

So the movie wrapped up and i said goodbye to my friend because i had this urge to spend money today to make my day complete. Rushed home for a drink and then rushed out again to Chapel St.


Hmm i do not know how to pen the feeling... It was just so relaxing... Driving with my windows down. Today was so Autumn rather than bleak Winter. Oh! i had a great hair day and i had my aviators on as well with my music blaring and catching glimpses of myself in the rear view mirror to see how cool and awesome i looked.


Finding a park on my immediately arrival on Chapel Street made my day. I bought myself a new pair of jeans and a really understated belt. The jeans were really fitting and low cut. (I like) and it was deep red.

At around 6.20pm i made my way back home. Had to do the final and important thing that is going to the gym. I have to perk my body up for next week. Winks*

Anyway that is all for this very "journal" styled entry. It is pretty rare of me to write this sort of entry actually. Hmm

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Harry said...

Nicely posted 'journal' entry. ;-)