Wednesday, December 20, 2006

In the name of shopping.

So the pace of my life has been fairly slow and monotonous for now... what, with all the Holiday preparation (what preparation?) and the winding down of work, i have not any interesting stories to share.

However, i am rather pleased with myself with the little crevices i have opportuned upon to get me that extra cash in this season where money is sought after.

Apart from my day job, my old boss from the bar calls me occasionally to help him out during busy nights. You see, i am the best bar tender there is for miles around. In my whole tenure at the bar, everyone came and go. Either they were discontinued by the manager or they simply did not live up to MY expectations or they simply could not cope with the high pressure environment. Hence they were shown the door.

So this time when i am asked back to lend a hand, i decided to monopolise the negotiations in regards to my pay. I demanded to be paid $20 an hour, all tips to go to me and to be paid on the spot at the conclusion of the night.

Naturally my former boss was grappling with this "oh so unreasonable" demand and attempted to haggle but i did not allow any of it! So he did finally concede to my demands and i have been getting extra cash for shopping. Mua haha.

In addition, i got a call on my mobile on Monday from a person who goes a long way back. It was this Polish guy who used to call me for help on using the computer. He needed someone to tutor him on using Excel and asked how much i would charge him. Off my head, i just blurted out $30 an hour and to my surprise he agreed within the second.

Oh goody!

So today after work i went to his place to tutor him for two hours.

Time to shop tomorrow. My Christmas shopping list is far from finished.

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