Thursday, October 04, 2007

Because the Name Appears as Aaron Wong, not a clueless person off the street with the alias “Infinity W”

So obviously they just could not get enough of the blog. Apparently they are pretty up to date. You know what? They are addicted. Addicted to the apparent inane and random things people talk about on their blogs. They pretty much do not fare any better from the same pathetics who are obsessed with some Hollywood celebrity.

So pathetic and involved in someone’s life who lives completely on the other side of the globe that they need to be privy, self righteous and so obscenely smart to use an anonymous email to voice their utter disgust and abhorrence at something… well random. How inconsiderate of me for not being aware of them when they have been thinking about me all the time. Honestly? How do they even find time to bother themselves with trivial matters? For starters, they seem to enjoy upsetting themselves with affairs that are in no way their concern. I know! I know! They just enjoyed being the police in the clan. The secret service who helps those in need when they were not needed in the first place. They wanted to feel good for themselves, to give their back a pat as if to say “Well done, good and faithful servant.” I mean, they are free to erase the blog address from their “Favourites” if it was cause for offence… That is if they could overcome the addiction in the first place. It is like, oh I am pretty free today at work, let us check on that blog that really helps me to kill time.

Oh man! Let me tell you about the cowardice in that email? Essentially, it was loaded. Loaded to the core! YIKES! It was a spectacular convoluted email retarded with confusion and disorientation obscuring the facts with their overtly emotional stance on the matter. And like every gossip, every word from the alphabet A – Z was added to add substance to their already vacuous point of argument. You know what? They are nothing short of a gossip factory. They generate gossip like the printing press! Like the newspapers with a daily dose of equally laughable naivety!!! Sadly, only the readers are the same clueless people who thrive on gossip and love it like their Kolo Mee.

So apparently these are the offences that have made them squirmed in their chairs:
Stupid? Remotely
Swearing? You gotta be kidding. They remind me of those kindergarten class prefects who runs up to the teacher in their shrill little voices "TEACHER! TEACHER! That boy swore!!!!" I rest my case.
Hypocrisy? They definitely do not want me to start on them.
Pathetic/Sad/Bitter? Who does not go through the blues? I am sure there were times when they felt pretty pathetic about themselves! I can surely think of bitterness they have dished up on others.
Arrogant? Indeed.
Jealousy? Not of them that’s for sure!
Rude? Hell yeah!

Obviously their understanding of English runs thin.

Woahhhh it is like so quick of them to be critical. They just had to sift through all the thousands of words to surmise something that would work for them. I am sure the rest of us could point out their flaws before the coin hits the floor. But we just could not care less in all seriousness. Silly self righteous people.

I do acknowledge that some entries were unfair to some people. For that I apologize and shall by all means remove those entries. (By the way, I do this because I was truly in the wrong for saying things regarding those individuals. By no means was I affording any consideration to the gossip mongers).

Diplomacy is at the bottom of my agenda. I have a perfect idea of who you are and honestly? I am unfazed. Just another speck of dust I shrug off my shoulder into the howling wind.

Dissatisfied? Please do not hesitate to contact me for further elaboration.

Have a fantabulous day at work.


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