Sunday, October 21, 2007

My 23rd


I have been so busy the past week, organising my Birthday Soiree in Melbourne from Sydney, stressing over work, catching up with friends... So my Birthday celebration was to be on the 20th starting at 7pm. However, i only arrived in Melbourne airport at 4.30pm! Basically from the moment i touched down, my phone was the centre of my world for the next 3-4 hours. I took a taxi to the townhouse, set down my luggage, rendezvous with friends to organise whatever we could in the next 2 hours. Rushed home, brought all the equipment we needed, went shopping for champagne flutes, mixes for drinks, boxes of champagne, food for hor'deouves, snacks, plates etc. Rushed back to the townhouse, unpacked everything, prepared whatever we could... By then i was a total mess. I was sweating through my cap, my T-shirt stank from the day, i was unshaven and i did not have time to brush my teeth since waking up in Sydney...

By the time we reached the townhouse, it was 7pm! Exactly the time the party started and everything were still in the shopping bags! Rushed upstairs for a quick shower and to get dressed... Was about to step into the shower when the doorbell rung. Rushed down haphazardly and begun frantically explaining the situation to the guests. I told them to help butler the party until i was down and ready. (Talk about a host!)

But the party was a huge success! Approximately 50 guests were crammed in the fabulous townhouse and everything ran accordingly to plan. There was little drama (as all large parties would usually have) and the alcohol was just enough.

A fine week.

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