Monday, May 29, 2006


The past week was spent abusing my body. I battered myself with 4-5 hours sleep every night, rushing from place to place, denying my body of food for the whole day only to come crashing down with fast food and rubbish. I worked myself to exhaustion and today is Monday.

I have decided to spent today at home eating nothing but salads and fruit juices. I slept in really late and just mulling around the house doing nothing. I have refrained from eating anything. No i am not health conscious on a diet. Actually i am hoping to pile on the kilos. I just felt i had to do my body a favor.

My voice is almost gone. I spent the whole day singing in my room to Chinese love ballads. LOUD.

Yay tomorrow i am watching X-Men.

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Harry said...

I wanna hear you sing. ;-)