Wednesday, May 03, 2006

You left your scent on me.


Harry Toulacis said...

I like this post....very intriguing.

Harry Toulacis said...

Kinda reminds me though. Sometimes I love it when that happens...someone leaves their sent on you, not necessarily by having made contact, and you just smell it, but it's so subtle you just don't know where exactly it's coming from, and it smells so...delicious that you just don't want it to go away, but you know as time passes it will eventually fade and vanish....damn! You know when people pass you in the street and when their current eventually reaches you...well you can smell them, and has anyone ever passed you before and they smelt so damn fine that you thought, what the hell are they wearing? It smells so damn great, I gotta find out. So you think to yourself, should I go back and ask them, look like an idiot but most likely get a straight forward accurate answer and then satisfy my curiousity, or shall I just not ask, not be seen as strange and then go to every shop frantically searching for the scent that was on them and hoping that you haven't forgotten it, but after smelling so many different things, you know in the end it's hopeless and you're left with that unsatisfying, feeling of failure and dissappointment that you didn't go and ask them when they walked passed you. It's happend to me so many times.. lol