Monday, May 08, 2006

Getting on with life.

Because circumstances has called for it i am forced to take this course of action. It is a drastic change and on everyone's part, unexpected.

I have begun looking at apartments in the city and i am extremely fortunate to have landed a housemate who is mature and stable. An added bonus is that this housemate is a friend of mine. It is tough. So many things to juggle with a constricted amount of time to establish myself.

And i thought this year would be a smooth ride.

I guess my plans for the Thailand trip will be suspended as of now. I have to find my standing. Unlike my oversea counterparts, i am not granted the luxury of my account being spoonfed credit from their kin. It is going to be a solitary track.

Moving on.

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Harry Toulacis said...

It'll be great!